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DIY Wooden Backdrop & Floordrop Video Tutorial

diy wooden floordrop and backdrop

I’ve actually been wanting to do this DIY wooden backdrop video tutorial for a while but trying to find a few spare moments to get the footage between being a mum to 2 young children (1 year and 2.5 years) and also back to back clients, has just been extremely difficult (to say the least)!

I have had many people ask me where I get my wooden backdrops/floordrops from and the secret is…I make them myself! And you know what? They are so incredibly easy to make that anyone can have these additions to their studios for alot cheaper than you may think.

Here in Australia we have a huge hardware store called Bunnings which is where I bought all of the materials from, however I’m sure you can easily find these anywhere.

The Materials

I bought just 1 box of adhesive vinyl planks for around AU$62 which had perfectly enough planks to do 2 full drops which is perfect so I can use them in pairs as a floordrop and backdrop together.


Next, I had a look at the measurements of the vinyl planks to see what size backboard I would need to have cut to stick them onto. Believe it or not, we ended up finding some masonite board that was the absolute perfect measurement to a T to be able to evenly distribute the one box of 16 vinyl planks onto 2 pieces of masonite board which cost around AU$13 each. How lucky is that!


Now, usually I had only stuck the vinyl planks on with the adhesive on the back of them however over time I kept having issues with the planks coming off, especially when it would always be very warm in my studio, so I went back in to Bunnings to find another solution so that they would stick more permanently. I found an adhesive spray which is pretty much glue in a can for around AU$20 which I thought would be the most convenient and practical way to further adhere the vinyl planks to the masonite board. I bought 1 can which so far I have used to make 3 drops and there is still PLENTY of it left!


What Next?

This has honestly got to be the easiest thing to do especially because the planks and masonite board were perfect measurements. Simply remove the paper strip from beneath your vinyl plank to reveal the adhesive and lay it down flat with the adhesive side up. The adhesive spray I bought recommended spraying both surfaces for a more permanent hold, so you want to first spray over the adhesive that’s already on the planks with your spray adhesive. You then want to spray a layer onto your masonite board pretty much the same size as your vinyl plank exactly where you will be placing the first one starting from either side. Once you have sprayed both surfaces, stick your vinyl plank onto the masonite board with both adhesives coming together. Repeat this going along side by side until you have covered your masonite board and that’s seriously how simple it is!

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