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Photographing Older Babies

photographing older babies

Photographing older babies can be so much fun if you’re prepared. This week I had the gorgeous baby Semara in my studio. As she was 8 weeks old at the time of her session, I advised her parents that the chances of getting any posed newborn shots would be highly unlikely. Although I have had success photographing older babies as “posed newborns” in the past, it is a lot more difficult as older babies tend to be a lot more alert, less flexible and stay awake for much longer periods of time.

In these situations I find the best way to get through the sessions is to wrap baby keeping them nice and secure. I always start with the potato sack pose with older babies as the more they are wrapped and kept nice and warm, the higher the chances you have of them drifting off to sleep (eventually!) You’ll find when photographing older babies, a lot of the images will include baby awake, which is super cute anyway and parents always love these shots!

Here are a few of my favourite images from Semara’s session! Just look at all that HAIR! Oh, and those EYELASHES! 😍








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