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The Froggy Pose – How to safely do it!



So I’ve heard alot of horror stories of new photographers trying to achieve this pose by attempting to leave the baby completely unsupported in this position which is NOT ok! (Shakes head)

I have put together a little picture tutorial showing the correct way to take BOTH shots in order to make the one composite image. While it may look simple, not all babies are happy or comfortable to go into this pose. As a newborn photographer you should have plenty of experience working with newborns and understanding them and their signals before trying to do an advanced pose like this. If I sense that baby is not comfortable or is resisting I will NOT go ahead with the pose just for the sake of getting this shot.

From my experience, this pose is usually best achieved with younger babies usually less than one week of age. This is not a pose I jump straight into, I always wait for the moment that I realise the baby is in a VERY deep sleep as this pose can be a little tricky and fiddly trying to get them in the perfect position.

The following is a detailed explanation of the 2 shots to be taken once you have baby in the froggy pose position being completely supported the whole time.

To begin with, mum or dad will be holding baby’s wrists together right beneath the hands with one hand, and firmly (not too hard but enough to be able to support the weight of baby’s head) holding onto baby’s head from the sides with the other hand. Before trying to get any shots you need to make sure that baby is in the right position so that when either hand is removed by the parent they will still remain in position and not fall down. Once you are certain everything is right, get your camera ready and explain to mum or dad to remove the bottom hand on the count of 3 keeping a nice firm hold of baby’s head and to place it back when you say so. Count to 3, take your shot (or 2) and tell mum or dad to put there hand back to support baby’s hands. That’s your first image.

Again, be sure to check that baby is still going to be well supported when the top hand is removed by mum or dad. The best way to keep baby supported so their head does not fall to the sides is to make sure their elbows are close together and brought forward, and that their hands and fingers are spread out for extra support. Explain to them again that on the count of 3 you want them to remove their top hand from baby’s head holding baby’s wrists nice and firmly together right beneath the hands and when you say so to put their hand straight back on baby’s head. Count to 3, take your shot (or 2) and tell mum or dad to put there hand back to support baby’s head. That’s your second image.

I’ve also included a video below for your reference!

I will be posting another detailed photoshop tutorial on how to edit these two images to make this composite. It is super easy to learn and so fast to do. This is going to teach you how to safely achieve these more advanced type of poses as well as allow you to learn how to edit babies into digital backdrops.

I hope you liked my first post and I look forward to adding more content on a regular basis! I’d love to see your comments below!

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