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froggy pose composite video tutorial photoshop

Froggy Pose Composite PS Video Tutorial

Watch how easy it is to create the froggy pose composite image using your two images in photoshop with this Froggy Pose Composite Photoshop Video Tutorial. Step by step audio and video explaining how to merge your two images together to create the perfect froggy pose shot.
perfect skin and features photoshop action set for newborns

Perfect Skin & Features PS Action Set


I am so excited to release my Perfect Skin & Features action set which is a series of actions recorded of each and every step of my editing process. These actions will speed up your workflow and are super easy to use with on screen instructions for every single action. Simple brush on effects for smooth skin, perfect skin tones and defining features along with my all time favourite matte finish. Each layer is fully adjustable to suit your taste. Simple one click installation!

10 Actions Included In My Perfect Skin & Features Set:
  • Silky Smooth Skin
  • Advanced Soft Skin
  • Reduce The Reds
  • Bye Bye Baby Blues
  • Jaundice Correction
  • Dreamy Creamy Skin
  • Peachy Pink Cheeks
  • Fine-tune Features
  • Eyeline Enhancer
  • Modern Matte Finish
Plus 5 BONUS Workflow Actions:
    • Add Contrast
    • Sharpen
    • Brighten
    • Darken
    • Resize For Social Media
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resize for social media photoshop action

Resize For Social Media Photoshop Action

So you've finished editing your best image, added your logo watermark and excitedly gone to upload your image to Facebook to show the world how amazing your work is only to realise once it's been uploaded that the image quality has been compromised. Simply download and install this FREE Resize For Social Media Photoshop Action and once your image is ready to go, hit the play button and tada! Your image has now been compressed whilst still maintaining it's quality so there will be no need for Facebook to further compress your image!